Adding Textual Content

Tools for formatting text in DM 1.0 are limited, but DM 2.0 will feature vastly enhanced formatting tools. In the meantime, DM 1.0 fully supports Unicode characters, and you can paste text into DM 1.0 from other sources that has other fonts, sizes, colors, and other formatting (see video example, below). Please note: for non-standard fonts, Unicode characters, etc. to properly display on other users devices, such fonts, characters, etc need to also be available on these users’ computers.

Default font displays: DM 1.0 has a design quirk where its default font display is different in editing and public modes. When you are editing a text in DM that originates from within DM, it will display in 12pt Times font. However, in public views of the same document, the same text will display by default as 14pt Helevetica font instead. Additionally, default text displays in DM 1.0 do not have provisions for setting margins. Such limitations will be addressed in DM 2.0.
To set text fonts, sizes, margins (and colors) so that they uniformly display across editing and public modes of viewing, you can paste formatted text in from an external text file (see below).

Note: if you are working in a project that uses formats and styles that are set externally and pasted in, it is advised that you set the look and content of these text documents as much as you can before pasting them into DM and then adding highlights, links and annotations – this will save you time down the line, from having to fiddle inside DM trying to correct or change formatting that is more easily set externally.

Alternatively, if you wish to paste external text into DM 1.0 that does not have its own formatting, but conforms to the formatting of the text it follows in the DM text file, then you should copy unformatted text from a plain text editing program like TextEdit (Mac) or Notepad (Windows).
Alternatively, you can use the key commands CTRL + SHIFT + V (Windows) or  CMD+SHIFT+OPT+V (Mac) to strip out any formatting of the text you are pasting).

Pasting text into DM 1.0 from an external source that contains different colors, fonts, formatting and/or Unicode characters:

Note: copying and pasting text from file to file inside a DM project should also preserve formatting, but if the text you are copying happens to contain active DM highlights. As a safeguard against data corruption, pasting it will strip out any associated formatting from all of the text.

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