Creating Highlights

Highlights allow you to begin densely annotating image and text documents with annotations and links. Once you have a highlight on an image or text, you can then create one or more annotations for it, or link to and from it and highlights on the same or another document.

Image Highlights:

Highlights on images appear as blue lines or shapes:

To make an image highlight that is a standard shape:

  1. Click one of the three shape icons in the top-left corner of an image document.
  2. Click and drag the shape to create the highlight.

You can also use the segmented line tool to make an image highlight:

  1. Click the segmented-line button in the top-left corner of an image document window.
  2. Single click, or click one time, to create corners of a segmented-line-shaped highlight.
  3. Double click, or click two times, to complete the highlight. 

Text Highlights:

Highlights on texts appear in yellow:

  1. Select one or more words on a text.
  2. Click the tag icon in the top-left corner of a text document.

Note: highlights cannot be made across text containing multiple text styles, like in the example below.


If you receive an error message saying the text contains multiple text styles but it doesn’t look like the text does, then there may be vestigial format tags buried in the code. You can strip the formatting from text by copy and pasting it into the URL bar of your internet browser, like in the example below, and then copy and pasting it back again from the URL bar.


Alternatively, you can use the key commands CTRL + SHIFT + V (Windows) or CMD+SHIFT+OPT+V (Mac) to strip out any formatting of the text you are pasting.

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