Creating Links

Links allow you to connect a specific area on one image or text (i.e. a highlight) to another highlight on the same or another image or text. Links also then  identify other highlights that “reference” a certain highlight.

Creating a link:

  1. Links can be between two image highlights, two text highlights, or (as in this example), between an image highlight and a text highlight (in either direction).
  2. Rollover a highlight to open the highlight’s rollover window.
  3. Click the chain-link icon in the top-left corner of the rollover window. Now, the very next highlight you click on will forge a link to that highlight.
  4. Click on the highlight you wish make a link with.
  5. You will see a “link” icon briefly appear on the center of the screen to show the link has been forged.
  6. To link to a highlight on the same image or text, simply navigate to that highlight and click on it.

Now your highlight is “referenced by” your other highlight, and clicking on it will open it in an adjacent frame:

When making a link, be sure to begin with the highlight you want to be “referenced by” your other highlight (and will show up in the bottom section of the rollover window):

The highlight on the other end of the link always “Links to” the highlight you began with (and will display the item it links to in the top section of its rollover window:

Like annotations, multiple links will appear in alphabetical order; if you wish, you can change the order in which links display by changing the titles of the items linked to.

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