Designing a New DM Project

If you are wanting to create a new DM project, here are some helpful suggestions to maximize the potential of your experience and project:

  1. Think carefully through the information architecture you would like to design before uploading images and text.  This includes thinking about the which/how many documents will be needed, considering the type/number of links you want to make, considering what you would like to include in annotations, and noting which documents will serve as primary documents and which will serve as secondary documents. When starting a DM project, there can be a real temptation to link everything to everything, which can generate incredible amounts of labor. Instead, think very carefully about how you would like you information to flow – identify gateways and nodes through which users can access most of the links and annotations you are producing.
  2. Consider the direction of the links you would like to create.  Explore how to make a link that appears up top in the “Linked to…” area within a highlight’s rollover window, as opposed to a link that appears down below the “Referenced by…” area.  For more about creating links, go here.
  3. Upload high-quality images.  The better image quality you have, the better your project will look.  That said, using images that are too large can impede memory and performance.  DM requires JPEG (.jpg) images, and these ideally will be between 3-4 MB in size, and under about 6000 pixels in height or width, at 72dpi.  Because of memory considerations, larger images will not display or move as smoothly as smaller sized images. Additionally, in DM 1.0, the highlights and links you create on a specific image file is not transferrable to another file later.
  4. The design of your project is only limited by your imagination and the objective of your work.  For more information about information architecture and design, go to the Forum page for resources. To see how other scholars have used the potential of DM to design their projects, please see the Sample Projects page.
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