Formatting and Editing Textual Content

Textual formatting and editing tools in DM 1.0 are limited, and DM 2.0 will feature vastly enhanced textual formatting and editing tools.

DM 1.0 does feature basic tools for bolding, italicizing and underlining text, and creating bulleted and numbered lists:


You can also select among a handful of text sizes:


You can also add a much broader range of formatted content (specific fonts, sizes, and colors), by pre-formatting them in an external textual editing program and then just pasting them into any DM project text file (see example of this here). The formatting should carry across.

Note: copying and pasting text from file to file inside a DM project will also preserve formatting, unless the text you are pasting contains DM highlights. As a safeguard against data corruption, pasting text containing internal DM highlights will automatically strip out all formatting.

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