Creating and Editing Projects

Note: If you want to begin creating a project using DM, then you will need to be affiliated with a DM server. DM may be locally hosted on a server, like at the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the University of Pennsylvania, or on a personal network, or in the cloud using Digital Ocean. If you are not affiliated with a DM server, you can always set up your own (though you might need the help of an IT administrator), using this guide for setting up a server locally, or on Digital Ocean.

This guide is for anyone who start or work  on a project using Digital Mappa. Every project will be different, but the features shown in this guide will help anyone create and/or develop any project. Features appear roughly in the order in which they would be used as a project is first created and then developed. However, creators of new projects should begin by looking at materials on project design linked to at the bottom of this guide. If you have a question that isn’t answered in this guide, then consider asking us on our forum.

If you are working on a project using DM, then you should create an account on the forum, so we can reach you about important DM news and updates.

: DM 1.0 is very much a beta version – it’s a working draft of the basic features and functionality of the resource, and limited in some ways. It’s a stepping stone to the full version of DM that will be released next year as DM 2.0.

Also: All of these Digital Mappa online help guides are also available for download as a single PDF document.

Requirements for Creating/Editing Projects:
For this beta version of DM 1.0, it is strongly recommended that you use a desktop/laptop version of the Chrome web browser to create and edit projects. DM 1.0 is optimized for the Chrome browser, and while other browsers may be used to edit projects, we have not rigorously tested these other platforms. DM 2.0 will be compatible with all standard web browsers.

Additionally, if your computer features a touchscreen, some functionality may have issues, and it is recommended that you suspend touch screen features while using DM.  DM 2.0, currently under development, will be touch screen compatible.

If you are designing a project in DM 1.0 that will be made available to the public, we recommend including a version of the following information for users in your introductory materials and gateway links:

As a DM 1.0 resource, this project is best viewed in a recent version of a desktop/laptop version of a Chrome or Firefox browser.  If your computer features a touchscreen, it is recommended that you suspend touch screen features while viewing this project. DM 2.0 (in development) will run on all standard desktop/laptop browsers and be touchscreen compatible.


Individual Help Guides for Creating/Editing Projects:


Project Creation

Primary Document (Images & Texts) Management

Working with Textual Content

Highlight, Annotation and Link Creation

Project Saving, Backup, Recovery and Deletion

Project Design

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