Opening a Project

  1. In any DM environment, click on the blue dropdown arrow next to the name of the current project displayed. A dropdown menu of all projects available in this DM environment will display.
  2. Scroll down the list and  click on the project you wish to open.

Note: the first time a project is opened in your browser, some items may take longer than usual to load; opening items again in the same or subsequent sessions should take less time, once parts of the project are cached in your browser.
Additionally, load times of projects can also be dependent on the speed of your Internet connection. the speed of the host server, and the relative quality of the network between them.

Inside a DM project, larger images, and/or items which contain a large amount of annotated links out to other items which also contain a large amount of annotated links can take longer to load. This is because when loading, the program may also need to map and load these links into memory. Opening up multiple items at the same time from the Table of Contents can also result in longer load times, as the program is then loading these items simultaneously. For images in DM, we’ve found that generally images under about 4 or 5MB (and under about 7500 pixels in height/width at 72dpi) tend to load and work quite quickly, while larger images may take longer.

DM 2.0 will be working to speed up load times for such link-heavy documents and larger-sized images.

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