Opening Links

Internal links: When you rollover any highlight on an area of an image or a text, a rollover window will open displaying any existing links to highlights on other images or texts (or to a different place on the same document).

    1. Rollover any highlight (blue shapes on images, or yellow rectangles on text) to see what links exist.
    2. A  small rollover window will open that contains existing links
    3. Clicking on any item in a highlight’s rollover widow will open that document in an adjacent frame, and display the specific place on the image or text referenced.
    4. A link to an image highlight will display the image and only that highlight. (Note: you can toggle the highlights on and off to display all highlights on a document.)
    5. A link to an text highlight will open the text to that highlight and show only that highlight,  in blue. (Note: you can toggle the highlights on and off to display all highlights on a document.)
    6. If the link is to another place on the same document being viewed, a second version of that document will open up next to the original.

Corner icons:

    1. The “page” icon in the top right corner of any displayed item is also an active area for links. Rollover the corner icon to view any links to and from the entire document.

External links: Textual items in DM can also contain links to external web addresses.

  1. External links will display according to your browser’s default settings for new or visited web links (e.g. underlined, in blue or purple). Clicking on such links will open up the linked web address in a new tab in your web browser.
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