Making and Logging in with an Account

To work in Digital Mappa, you first need a user account. If you have a Google or Github account,  you can set up an account automatically linked to account’s login ID and password. Otherwise, you can create an account with a new ID and password using the “Performant Software” option.


  1. To open or create an account, click the “Login” drop-down menu.
  2. Click one of the “via Google,” “via GitHub” or “via Performant Software” buttons.
  3. You will then have the option to enter the ID and password information for that account, or create a DM account linked to your Google or GitHub account, or to create a new account with the Performant Software option.
  4. Note:  if your browser is set up to automatically cache and retrieve this kind of log-in information, selecting one of these options will log you in automatically.

Note: as a beta version, DM 1.0 lacks a gatekeeping feature for accounts that are created to be approved before use; DM 2.0 will include this functionality.

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