Multi-user Editing

In DM, you can have multiple users with editing privileges collaborating on the same project, adding images, texts, creating highlights and annotations, and editing texts. However, DM 1.0 does not have true multi-user capability – as a user works on a text or image file in DM, it creates a local version of the file in memory that is then saved to the DM server every time a change is made. So if two people are editing the same image or text file at the same time, DM may replace the edits of one user’s version with the edits of another user’s version of the file as changes are made.

DM does have an alert feature to let you know that someone else is currently working on a specific project. If you open a DM project by logging into it, and another user is working on it, you will see an alert informing you who else is editing the project, so you can avoid any potential editing overlaps on specific files.

save conflict.png

Note: if a user does not log themselves out of DM (say, for instance, they just close the browser window instead of logging out), they remain logged in for 24 hours. So users might receive alerts for other users editing a project even if they are not using DM at that exact moment.

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