Recovering a Project

Backup Systems:

• Any DM server will automatically make backups of all projects every 24 hours, and will save several versions of previous backups on a rolling basis contingent upon available server space.

• Additionally, users may also make manual backups of individual projects to save on their own computer (see here for instructions)

Disaster Recovery:

If something bad happens to a DM 1.0 project (say, somebody accidentally deletes material within a project that would take a long time to rebuild), there are two options to restore a project from a backup:

• Your systems administrator can restore all projects on a DM server from the hourly backups made on the server. Instructions for doing so may be found in the DM 1.0 GitHub documentation.
  Note: A DM 1.0 server will back up all projects together, so any restore from these automatic backups will necessitate restoring all projects running on a DM server to their previous state. DM 2.0 (now under development) will allow for individual projects to be restored to a server from backup.

• Alternatively, if a user has made their own manual backup of an individual project, they can restore it separately by having their systems admin launch a new instance of a DM server, and adding the project’s manual backup files to this new instance. Instructions for doing so may be found in the DM 1.0 GitHub documentation.

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