Setting Up Your Own DM Server for Projects


Note: All of these Digital Mappa online help guides are also available for download as a single PDF document.

If you are not already affiliated with a DM server, you can always set up your own – you will also probably need the assistance of an IT systems administrator to do this (unless you’re good at this kind of stuff).

Note: DM 2.0 will be released with a container-wrapper that will easily deploy to most standard server configurations. As a test release, DM 1.0 has been tested to run in more specific hosting environments.

For DM 1.0, you’ve got two options for setting it up: hosting DM through a virtual server on Digital Ocean, or setting DM up on a local server.  In both situations, this is the kind of work a IT network/system admin should be able to perform.

• Digital Ocean: For this initial version of DM 1.0, using Digital Ocean is recommended. Digital Ocean is a cloud computing platform where you can set up virtual server space for as little as $5/month. We’ve set up and tested an optimized process to deploy DM to Digital Ocean – instructions and software requirements can be found here:

• Local Hosting: you can also set up an instance of DM on your own server configuration. Basic instructions and software requirements  for setting up a DM instance locally may be found here: We have not been able to test the DM 1.0 package across all standard server configurations – if you run into issues installing DM, we can offer some tech support to help out:

• First: check the “Tech Support for Hosting DM” boards on the online forum  to see if there’s anything already posted there that can help.

• Second: failing that, post your specific issue to the forum – we’ll have our developers look into it and get back to you with an answer!

Note: in the process of setting up a DM server, a “superuser” account will also be set up. This account will automatically have administrative permissions on all projects created on this DM server.


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